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Female 4 years old

This is Bella. She is very thin right now, only 40 pounds and around four years old. She has mastitis and two of her breasts ruptured. We are honored they chose us to help this sweet baby. She was rescued by the lady that brought her to us. She took her to vets they had her on antibiotics. Steroids and iron . She was very anemic. I took her to my vet as soon as I got her. Blood work not real good. Very bad infection. They did chest x rays because she was breathing very hard. They kept her to do fluids and gave her injectable antibiotics and injectable pain medication. We take in medical needs dogs. We do everything we can for each and every dog that comes to us. They are saying she has necrotizing Mastitis now. She will be on medical hold until she recovers and is ready for her forever home. Look for updates on our Facebook page.

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